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Title: Bebot 0.7.x still Alive ?!
Post by: bitnykk on August 18, 2020, 05:33:36 pm
Bebot still seems popular among the AO community, and i'm ready to invest some efforts from time to time to maintain it.

Therefore, efforts will focus on the "official" GitHub 0.7.x version available at

My own fork at will be a playground/testing kind of "beta" - before Khalem eventually merges welcomed changes to "official" upper.

A new AO forum section was created for this evolutive release, while the left menus were updated :
- download link now point toward the "official" 0.7.x upper
- documentation is still mainly relevant even with this release
- forum and license link are also still up-to-date and remained
- whereas all the other old links went down to an archive section

As always, feel free to suggest modules, changes or bring bug(s) to our attention through forum.

On a personal note : please remind i don't actively play AoC hence i'm focused on AO updates and modules. So if anyone want to participate/reinforce, welcomed !
Title: Re: Bebot still Alive ?!
Post by: bitnykk on August 28, 2020, 07:09:23 pm
Just shipped some new patching that solved several minor issues, and allowing the bot to be launched under PHP 7+
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