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0.8.x updates for AoC


Release 0.8.0 - Feb 2024

This is a major patch also marking 20th year of Bebot's existence !

- For both games:
   PHP 8.2/8.3 supports have both been prepared and extensively tested
   Docker (win/nux) is now supported & documented with a dedicated config repository
   improvements across mysql, irc/discord, raid, recruit, admins, mail, ts & defreeze

- For AoC only:
   craftclasses, whois and blacklist fixed

Thanks to the beta team for helping/testing, congrats to all that participated Bebot since 2004.

Release 0.8.1 - Jun 2024
- For both: alts, roster, relay, raid, logon, count, discord/irc, recruit & update improved
- For AO: guide, items & echo improved
- For AoC: items, timeraa & recruit improved ; tokens added


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